Isolation and Lockout Procedure

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The purpose of this Procedure is to detail the requirements and the process for positive and effective energy isolation of equipment at operational sites in order to minimise the risk of uncontrolled movement or release of energy that could lead to injury to persons, damage to equipment or harm to the environment.  The procedure describes methods required to safely isolate sections of the plant so that these sections may be safely maintained/inspected without the necessity to carry out a full shutdown and isolation of the facilities. It also deals with the safe return to service of equipment that had been removed from service, and the consequences of unauthorised or forced removal of Logs and Tags and failure to follow Isolation Instructions.

This procedure forms part of the Permit-To-Work System and incorporates protection for persons working on or near systems containing various types of energy and for the safe returning to service of equipment. This document also specifies the minimum requirements for tagging of equipment when out of service, under maintenance, inspection or modification.