Emergency Management Procedure Sample

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This is a sample extract of the procedure to demonstrate quality and content.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that your organisation’s sites are well prepared for emergency events.  In particular, it requires that appropriate preparedness, response and recovery plans are developed, published, maintained and tested on a regular basis.   The aim of this procedure is to:

  • Ensure risks to the organisation and its workers from the effects of an emergency that may potentially impact your operational facilities, flowing over to broader organisational responsibilities, are identified, assessed and effectively mitigated;
  • Detail the immediate actions to be taken to support any on-site response in the event of major incident or emergency;
  • Identify responsibilities of individuals with regards to the management of an emergency or major incident;
  • Ensure any impacted essential services are restored in the minimum time following an emergency event with full services restored within a reasonable time following an emergency event.