Refunds and Exchanges

Selection and purchase of documents at checkout is the responsibility of the purchaser. Beyond Your Horizon provides ample information for each product to ensure understanding of its purpose and, in the case of procedures, manuals and plans, their content. If the purchaser still has questions or is uncertain if it’s the right document for their purpose, the onus is on them to contact Beyond Your Horizon for clarity prior to purchase.

Due to the nature of the products being sold, Beyond Your Horizon cannot offer refunds or exchanges as the electronic product cannot be returned with an assurance that no other copies exist.

As a result, if you experience any problems or have any concerns with any document please call us promptly on 1300 391 325. We will review your issue, and if valid, provide consulting services to assist you in rectifying any difficulties or concerns with the purchased document to the value of that specific document (at a rate of $125/hr ex GST). Beyond Your Horizon reserves the right to exercise their own discretion to determine which cases are valid for this offer. This offer does not include customising any documents to suit your business.