Personal Protective Equipment Procedure

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The purpose of this procedure is to document the minimum requirements for the selection, training, use and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within your business. As the hierarchy of control dictates, PPE shall be used where no other means of control are practicable.  It is recognised however, that a combination of controls may be the most appropriate method of controlling a hazard.  It is important that your business provides an adequate supply of PPE which shall comply to relevant standards, and ensures that all contractors and visitors wear appropriate PPE for their activities.

The objectives of this Procedure are to:

  • Ensure correct PPE is available as a control for specific hazards.
  • Ensure selection of PPE has been undertaken through effective risk assessment, and records have been maintained.
  • Develop and implement PPE training procedures and programs.
  • Develop and implement PPE inspection standards that ensure all PPE is maintained in a safe operating condition.